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Harriet Levin Millan

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Josh's Journal

The following day, my family took Michael and his mother to a Koala Sanctuary. It was the first opportunity that Michael had to spend time with his mother alone without the company of his siblings. Not to mention, it was their first mother-son experience together, one which they will remember forever. Walking side by side, they led us into the sanctuary. We were all about to embark on our first encounter with native Australian animals. The sanctuary was full of furry koalas sleeping in the eucalyptus trees drugged off their leaves. The creatures were incredible with their long nails dug into the bark of the trees. We even saw a mother carrying its baby on its back. I couldn't help but think of Mama Majok and how she would have loved to have held her baby those 19 years, but then I looked ahead and saw the mother and son walking side by side, arms locked, and realized that although they could never relive those years, they were finally together after all the years of hardship. Following the koalas, we entered a field full of kangaroos. My dad, my mom, Teddi and I approached a kangaroo. It was a great experience to feel the kangaroo lick food pellets off our hands. We took pictures and petted the amazing creature, one of which I have always been fascinated by because of the countless projects on marsupials that I've had to endure in school. Michael and Mama Majok went to the kangaroo next to stroke it and feed it as well. The best part was watching the sheer joy from Michael's mother as she bonded with her son like she had never done before. My father took a great picture of Michael's mother, which embodied all of the emotions that she was feeling at that instant. The day was magical. We continued the tour by hanging out with more kangaroos and then watching two dingoes playfully chase each other around their pens barking and growling, then attacking one another. There were tropical birds, as well as boar-like creatures called wombats. We all ate lunch and talked about the fabulous tour. The journey through the Koala Sanctuary was concluding. However, it was the start of a new beginning for the Kuch's.


Chaz said...


I've know your Father & Mother for too many years, looking forward to having your karma rub off on me, your mission has been simply & truly amazing!
Your father speaks to me of how proud he is of you & your family rallying around you!
You are gifted!
I thank you for what you have accomplished...very inspiring!
'you're the man' or is it 'you're the mate';)

Kangaroos , Koalas & KUDOS!

Anastasia said...

Very cool experience for everyone involved. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more about the trip.

gluedbranches said...

This is wonderful. Attending the hunger banquet, I am not surprised that your family came together in organizing this trip and in knowing what lies in balance for Michael.

Michael said...

Very, very cool.

The short passage about the mama and child koalas in highly appropriate. Awesome post.