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Harriet Levin Millan

Friday, December 10, 2010

Leaving Lamu Today

It's been very difficult to post while in Lamu because of the lack of internet.  The hotel does have WIFI--when it works! That and a hot shower. Hahahaha! I've been showering with ice cold water for 5 days, but fortunately the Indian Ocean is right out my door. Lamu has got to be the most exotic place I've ever been to. Donkies in the streets, Masai warriors who wear the claws and teeth of the lions they've killed around their necks, little children playing games with coconut shells and mango seeds, people carrying bundles of wood on their heads, fisherman, old timers, and everyone greeting you with "Jambo," (hello in Swahili) and a smile.  
Last night was SLS's open reading and it was so beautiful to hear the work of all the participants on Mando Beach.  We ate a giant buffet and swam in the Indian Ocean and sailed back at midnight under stars that we can't see from the Eastern US, thousands of them lighting up the sky.  I'm going to lose my internet connection so just was to load in some pictures of this magical place before I do...


ed said...

Great to hear from you again. Try to inquire about their use of coconut oil. Love dad/mom

Ellen Cohan said...

I feel like you are having one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that you are fully embracing!! I'm so happy for you:)