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Harriet Levin Millan

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So I got back to Nairobi from Lamu on a Sunday and stayed there until Thursday, attending fiction workshop in the mornings and Kwani LitFest in the afternoons and evenings.  On Thursday I left Nairobi for a safari at Samburu.  Samburu is up north in the semi-desert environment of Kenya.  I flew for an hour in a small Cessna and arrived at the landscape right out of the pages of the novel I am writing.  In my novel I mention a small african antelope called dik-dik and as soon as we arrived at the lodge, the driver pointed out the dik-dik.  I couldn't believe it.  That night I went for the game drive and saw elephants, zebras, antelopes, impalas baboons, a thousand kinds of birds and the next day I saw leopards. The lodge was 5 stars.  But  most amazing of all was the Turkana village way up in the North that the driver (Samson) took me to.  I was met by the village chief and shown all through the village. The beautiful women wrapped my neck in beads and led me by the hand to the dancing. I'll post some pictures because you really must see this!

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Ellen Cohan said...

Wow!! How lucky you are to have had these experiences!! They seem other-worldly. You must have been in all your glory. I am so happy you embraced this amazing opportunity. Welcome Home:) Let's get together soon.